24 Oct 2015

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Team Black Broadway on U hacks it up and creates Duke’s DC: Just Jumpin’ and Jivin’, an interactive, scavenger hunt game design that celebrates Duke Ellington’s DC Ellingtonia at the first-ever National Black Programming Consortium/Silicon Harlem hackathon, ‪Hack360‬ in historic Harlem. (Pictured far right, Shellée Haynesworth, Executive Producer/Creator, Black…

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28 Sep 2015

Black Benefactors is hosting “Black Broadway on U: Echoes of An Era” Community Learning Walking Tour Luncheon for Community Investment Network’s 11th annual conference on October 2! It’s an historical journey back into time when DC’s greater U Street community businesses were black owned and run; its buildings built…

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08 Jul 2015

IN THIS ISSUE! We’ve launched our interactive map, Black Broadway on U: Discover The Community; where our site users can EXPLORE + DISCOVER some of the “unsung” PathBreakers and landmark places from this historic Black D.C. neighborhood, TAKE THE TOUR HERE: WATCH! Black Broadway on U’s latest mini-doc stories;…

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11 May 2015

U Street’s Funk Parade honors A Women of D.C. Funk: Shellee Haynesworth

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18 Apr 2015

Black Broadway on U: A Transmedia Project selected to participate in National Black Programming Consortium’s 360 Incubator Program.

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04 Jun 2014

Black Broadway on U: A Transmedia Project’s Executive Producer/Creator, Shellée Haynesworth national appearance on TV One’s News One Now with Roland Martin.

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