05 Feb 2019

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By Shellée M. Haynesworth | Executive Producer/Creator, Black Broadway on U Project From crazy cool to virtuoso piano rolls, it’s almost impossible not to acknowledge how the 88 keys have played a significant role in the evolution of jazz and helped popularize the genre beyond its bluesy roots in…

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25 Mar 2014

International Sweethearts of Rhythm – band/ensemble was the first racially integrated women’s band and it lasted for over a decade, playing to primarily black audiences in theaters and ballrooms across the country. At the Howard Theater in Washington, D.C., the band set a new box office record of 35,000…

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12 Feb 2014

G. Byron Peck created this tribute to Shaw’s most widely known resident. The 24 by 32 foot rendering of Duke Ellington watches over the community, directly above the U Street/Cardoza metro stop at 13th and U Streets, welcoming all to experience the rich history of the neighborhood. The painting…

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