orlistat diet medication 2016 Black History Month Spotlight: Black Broadway on U on Washington Full Circle!


BEHIND THE SCENES: Washington Full Circle taping with Shellée M. Haynesworth (Executive Producer/Creator, Black Broadway on U Project) and Ferman Patterson (host) at District of Columbia Network HD Studios.

Washington, DC – February 25, 2016 ‪- Black History Month Spotlight!!  The under-told story and history of D.C.’s Black Broadway on U comes full-circle on District of Columbia Network’s award-winning show, Washington Full Circle. Shellée M. Haynesworth (Executive Producer/Creator, Black Broadway on U: A Transmedia Project) discusses this amazing 20th century American history and moment in time when blacks living in D.C.’s historic greater ‪U street‬ corridor aka “Black Broadway” banded together to create their own social, economic and cultural prosperity despite Jim Crow in America.

Washington Full Circle: Black Broadway on U Episode WATCH SHOW, HERE: