12 Feb 2018

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Celebrating 2018 Black History Month! mail order antabuse powered by order antabuse online canada immerses audiences into four storied, small spaces and surviving historic community landmarks in Washington, D.C.; 12th Street “Colored” YMCA (the first African American Y in the world), The Whitelaw Hotel (D.C.’s first African American owned luxury hotel and apartment complex known as “The Embassy”), Miner Normal School (For Colored Girls Only) and Georgia Douglas Johnson’s Residence (site of Saturday Nighters Literary Salon) that still stand today along the U Street/Shaw corridor. These spaces signify “possibility and transformation,” “redemption and uplift” and “horizons of triumph” for Black Washingtonians during the late 19th century to 20th century supporting the intersection of social arts, consciousness, cultural identity, progress, prosperity and resilience.

CLICK images to VIEW | Black Broadway on U: In Small Spaces Activations

Miner Normal School/Miner Teachers College

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The Whitelaw Hotel

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12th Street “Colored” YMCA | Get Immersed in 360, VIEW: order antabuse online uk

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Georgia Douglas Johnson’s Saturday Nighters Salon

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